Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bach/Busoni and Schumann

Some strange trademarking issues going on here.  Busoni made a bit of a name for himself transcribing old Bach pieces into piano, the pieces subsequently being known as “Bach-Busoni (whatever)”, in this case the Bach – Busoni Chaconne.  Not really sure why it wasn’t Bach’s Chaconne (arr. Busoni).  Where were the lawyers representing Bach’s estate?  At any rate it was quite an interesting piece (Leonie Horvat, Recitals Australia lunchtime recital).

Couldn’t quite say the same about Schumann’s Piano Sonata in G Minor Op.22.  While Horvat did an excellent job with what seems like very demanding material, it reminded me a bit of Schumann’s Etudes which Coady Green played at an RA recital in September – namely quite challenging to listen to, and no doubt to play.

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