Friday, November 26, 2010

Andre, a mullet and undone criticism

Amidst all the debate about the talents that Andre Rieu may or may not have (including a vigorous discussion on Angel Trumpets here), I see that Wikipedia has – as usual – put together a fairly balanced article covering both sides of the argument.  Check it here.  This has obviously taken some serious vigilance on the part of the pro-Andre camp, as the history tab shows a huge number of entries that can be best summed up as:

(Criticism Of Rieu) (undo)

Amidst the reams of undone criticisms there’s a few gems, like:

Rieu tries to compensate for his utter lack of a unique playing style by selling over-commercialized versions of classical music to his unsuspecting fans.

Many argue his audiences must be paid to endure his concerts as no one in their right mind would ever pay money to hear his rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way."

and even more extraordinary:

He also made a brief, pathetic and random cameo on the show Neighbours.

Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that the Wiki article retains the following:

Rieu sports a hairstyle colloquially referred to as a mullet.

Amazing to think that his legions of fans are happy to cop that, but there you go.

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