Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Repertoire safety index…2012

With 2012 concert seasons well underway around the country it’s high time I finalised the repertoire safety index and supporting indices.

Overall the index has fallen slightly, meaning that 2012 programs are a little safer than 2011, although there were some significant gains, including the Sydney Symphony which rose from an anaemic 4.5 to a better-but-still-way-below-average 5.6.  ACO still gets the gong for the most adventurous programming (hardly surprising) while WASO has gone backwards and now offers the “safest” repertoire in the land.


As far as “live” music goes (i.e. music composed by a living composer), the NZSO and ASO are well ahead of the pack, the other results trailing away to WASO in last place, who have a dismal 8% live music content.


Australian content is once again on the disappointing side,especially over at WASO where an unbelievable 2% of all pieces are written by an Australian.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Adult learning and the Dan plan


According to the 10,000 hour “rule”, pretty much anything can be mastered with that amount of deliberate and mindful practice.  This guy has taken that concept and has pledged to turn himself from a non-golfer to a PGA standard player, with nothing but a coach and 10,000 of spare time.  He’s 2,400 hours into the project and has his handicap down to 11 – pretty impressive, but is it impressive enough?  Anyone for the obvious cello challenge?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sibelius on Steroids?

Nice wrap-up of the ASO's 2012 season opener, featuring the Sibelius violin concerto and Berlioz.  Check it here.

Delivering Sibelius on steroids | The Australian