Sunday, June 2, 2013

Orchestras and Social Media 2

Time to update the usage stats for the social media campaigns of orchestras in this part of the world.


Changes over the last quarter are below.


Some of these numbers are a bit deceptive, coming as they do off small bases, but one of the inescapable conclusions is that the Facebook “Talking About” metric has dropped like a rock for most orchestras, yet rocketed for the NZSO and risen sharply for the SSO and TSO.

Why is this?

I’m not really sure because I mostly avoid Facebook like a bad cliche, but they are clearly doing something to keep their Facebook fans engaged which the others are missing.  Elsewhere the QSO have put in big effort on the Youtube front, and have now amassed over 44,000 views (they’ll catch the MSO soon at this rate).  The SSO has also continued their success with Youtube, posting a 79% increase on an already big number to achieve almost 1 million views.  Impressive, although they still have a way to go to catch PSY, who’s about to notch up 2.8 billion views.