Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Triple concerto and the “orchestral piano”

Recitals Australia piece today featured Beethoven’s Triple Concerto, a fine piece made all the better by the principal cellist of the ASO (Janis Laurs) teaming up with music students Taria Pietsch (violin) and Michelle Zhu (piano).  Quite generous of him I should say, given the volume of the work that the ASO currently has on.

A fourth player here was Karl Geiger, who was listed as playing “orchestral piano”.  This was a smaller (I think) piano than the one Michelle Zhu was playing, with its lid down.  I assume this takes the place of the orchestra.  I see from Wikipedia (which may or may not be right) that the concerto was scored for one flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, two trumpets, timpani, and strings.  Yes I did cut and paste from Wikipedia, and I didn’t delete the links.  I wonder how many plagiarising students have been laid low by this slip?

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